Surpised? Yea Right

I am not surprised so many are depressed: watch the news or the junk they call movies in the theaters these days. Notice the commercials about how you are bad or faulty either by weight or some other form of appearance and about how they are going to 'fix' you. Take stock of all your material possessions and notice the high that disappears when it ceases being brand new. Look at the horrible state of the economy, the violence and the international stage where the common good is a pipe dream. No I am not surprised to many are depressed and the worst thing is that you have governments who teach us to be nothing but depressed, you have to find your own personal guru or look deep inside yourself for the peace that you seek. I assure you - you will not find it  except but from within.

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5 Responses Mar 13, 2010

i think things that lower a persons self esteem and living in a sick society today just damages it more thus leading a person to become depressed. thats whyi constantly think about buying a property in a rural area and start a farm, build my own house, grow/kill my own food and medicine. All you have to worry about is food in ur belly and not credits cards and other useless crap. ahh well its like a balance act, you can either live a life of comfort at the expense of your mental health or you can leave a life of mental satisfaction at the cost of a little extra labor.

There seems to be an expectation that everyone can, should and deserves to find happiness, MMX. It is a myth. *Contentment* is infinitely preferable, and more easily attainable. You are right in saying that the answers can't be found in the external world.

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You make some good observations, my friend. But it goes deeper than TV and the like; i think America as a whole expects perfection, rather than having respect for and appreciation of everyone as a unique individual. If you don't "fit the mold" then you are not "good", which over time can cause one to get depressed. Yet we as a society seem to get so complacent and apathetic, when it is time for a change, we foist that responsibility on others and complain when they don't get it right.

Well...a surprise for me, someone who thought she knew you quite well!! I don't watch TV, either.....I find it a big waste of time. You'd be surprised at how many people are shocked that I haven't seen the latest "cool commercial"...."You don't watch TV:?" , they ask, incredulity showing on their faces. That , in itself, is enough to make me 'weird", it seems....I say, so what???? **** 'em all...