I'm On My Way

I know where I came from, the path I have been on, and the darkness that followed me for so long. I have spent so much time in the darkness, the light seemed so elusive. I've learned that it's not elusive, because I have found light in my life again. It's not shining bright yet, but I can see it, feel it, taste it, touch it. It's there. The darkness is there behind me, but it is beginning to become less and less a part of my life.

I am no longer that girl who lives in darkness, afraid to show my face to the world. I am no longer that girl who loathes myself, wanting to cut my spirit to the core. I am no longer the girl who cringes at my image in the mirror. I am no longer the girl who is too afraid to introduce myself to a stranger. I am no longer the girl who is too afraid to be alone. I am no longer the girl who worries about every single teeny tiny little thing. I am no longer the girl to depends on someone. I am no longer the girl who thinks that life will never get better.  I am no longer the victim of years upon years of bullying. 

Now let me tell you.....I am not 100% better on all of those things. I am a shade of those things, evolving, growing, learning. There are still parts of me that lives those things, but in smaller doses, doses that are easier to handle, and less intense. I am definitely not HER anymore, but I am growing. I am on my way.

It feels good to say so. Go back to my very first story I ever wrote here over two years ago. I am not her!
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2 Responses Mar 19, 2012

enjoy being you lifes too short for worrying!

What I understand from your narration that you are on the move, working your way forward, changing and evolving. <br />
And all that is sign of LIFE!<br />
I don't know how you feel about it, but certainly I feel elated, on your behalf, for you. You have given a reason to rejoice. Thanks!!!!