The Hated Child

so my parents are broken up now and my dad went out of town yesterday so my brother had people over doing drugs, making a mess, disrespecting my dads stuff and to top it off he was drinking and driving.( this has all happened before) and because its my little bro i decided to tell my mom to talk to him about drinking and driving and all she said was "talk to your boyfriend about it" MY BF DOESNT DRINK AND DRIVE! and then she finished it by saying dont tell on your brother!!!angry and it seems like no matter what he does wrong hes always perfect.
we moved into a new house she spent 27 grand putting on an extra room for him and she told me if i wanted my room painted i'd have to do it myself, but then when jef wants his room repainted she does it all for him!! if i am coming over for dinner she doesnt make me anythign if he comes over its whatever he wants!!
if we order pizza she doesnt get bread sticks unless hes there
i paid for all the flowers in the gardens planted them all by my self walk the dog everyday and vaccum the house and my brother has NEVER DONE ANYTHING OF THOSE THINGS!! and he stil gets whatever he wants whenever he wants!!!
and i try and bring these up to her and she just says oh this conversations over and ignores me
hottchik21 hottchik21
18-21, F
Jul 27, 2010