No Way Jose

I used to fantasize about getting married. Wearing a beautiful dress, walking down the aisle, joining the man I love. Of course this was always a faceless man, until I got a bit older. Then that face went and ****** off, and with it went my want of getting married.

I do think it would be so much easier without complicating things with marriage. It's a hell of a lot cheaper for one. And much easier and quicker to end.

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Right, so marriage has to be forever. So should my mom have stayed married to my father after he tried to kill her AND myself?

oh forgive me for this but, MarkYoung, you are one seriously ****** up individual. best of luck mate.

Well that's very nice for you, but I personally find that to not be smart. If I did ever wanna get married, I'd wanna know everything about them first, including how they are in bed. I could not live the rest of my life with someone if they were bad in bed. I'm being perfectly honest when I say that.<br />
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Also, just because I will not stoop to such a pathetic level to forgive my significant other cheating on me doesn't mean I can't love. It means I know I deserve someone better for me and I'm smart enough to realise if I forgive him right away he'll go and do it again and again. I am not one to settle, and staying with someone who does horrible things like that to me, would be settling.<br />
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You can think that I don't know what love is all you like, but you don't know me.

I never thought marraige was sacred to begin with. That's what I argue with the religious conservatives who oppose gay marraige on grounds that it would tarnish the "sacridity" of it. It never has been sacred and it never will be.<br />
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If love is there, you might as well squeeze what you can from the government too, lol.

You got that right. If it ain't broke..don't try to fix it. LOL Trust me, it ain't all it is cracked up to be.

Marriage is not meant for tax benefits. This is exactly why I never wanna get married. It's not sacred anymore.

Well, say you're with someone you love, committed and what not... Marraige is a good step to take if for no other reason than you get a tax benefit.

... What a great reason.

If you marry, you get tax benefits, lol.