Can't Decide

i used to want it of course...don't most little girls?  i was even kinda planning one with my ex...just the pre-planning stages really, as there was no ring yet, but we had talked about it.  we split about 2.5yrs ago.  since then...i have no interest in marriage whatsoever.  ideally, yes, but not really.  i think i jumped into my relationship with my ex too fast and didn't have enough time to really date anyone else, etc.  So that's what i'm doing now.   dating.  getting to know a variety of different men.  Some i like, some i end up not's a process.  One i'm quite happy with at the moment.  Maybe i think this way b/c i haven't met "the one" yet...and that's ok lol  there are certain things in my life i'm not ready to give up yet...and i know i would have to if i were to be in a serious relationship right now.  I'm sure for the right man i would tho....but that hasn't happened it remains to be seen if i'm the marrying type or not! :)

idk tho...i DO like to be flirty a lot...and that could end up being my downfall!  who knows? lol

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i know! that's what i'm talking about! i don't want to have to go through that. life throws many curveballs i know, but...i just want to get married once...and have it last. maybe, in this day and age, it's too unrealistic? i see SO many young couples around...and sometimes...a few years later they've been divorced and are married to someone else. when you get married too young, you risk changing into someone else as you get older, finding who you are,...and if your partner doesn't grow and change along with you then...not a good thing.

i know! my sister is 21 and she just got married to her first serious bf...they're good together and all, but...still...i gotta wonder if being married so young and all...i would hate to see her get divorced before she's even 25 you know?

yeah even reading it made my head spin :P

awww! thanks allandall :) you're right too...timing is everything! i'm not sure what i'm waiting on, but i know i'm not ready now....guess i'll just know when i am...maybe?? i hope i'll know lol i don't wanna let something good pass by just b/c i'm not sure tho ya know? *sigh* idk lol it's kinda stressful to think about lol

being flirty is not a downfall, it is a social trait. i don't think about marriage either, but like you it may just be a thing of timing. we are in a stage were we need to focus, i guess once we have completed our goal we will be able to go out and do some serious fishing and allow the one to come into our lives. you are way to pretty to stay unmarried.

i'm not sure about the breaking hearts thing, but thanks! :)

exactly SB!

Well flirting is so fun, who would want to give that up?<br />
<br />
And, I think that waiting is a good idea! Might as well get it right, right? LOL.

at least you know that lol <br />
<br />
mine is too, so we have something in common :D lol

Good point. My *** is perfection.

sorry EricS...who could resist that fine @ss of yours?! :P lol

Flirty? You? No! <br />
<br />
Get your hand off my ***! :P

thanks for all your comments guys! i'm just want to make sure that when i DO marry, if that ever happens lol, then it's for good. one time. i wanna get it right...and i don't feel like i'm ready for it yet. right now i feel like i'd screw it up somehow by not being ready, so waiting is definitely the way to go for me.

Yeah, that's absolutely the way to be, Kinky, you won't regret the song says, "you better shop around".

At least you are having fun!

yep! that seems to be working well for me so far! lol

Do what makes you happy.....<br />
If its just you and the little one so be it....<br />
<br />
You only have one life so make it fun and Happy.....