When Positivity Appears Negative

You’re so pessimistic paul you don’t believe the age old fairy tales about how humans are die hard consumers and materialistic to the bone who’s only ambition or function is to die with the most toys. You’re pessimistic because you aren’t satified with the lies of psychotherapist and public relations personel who try to convince you of the enlightenment philosopher’s point of view or of Freud’s point of view that it all boiled down to Libido.

You’re so pessimistic because you get sad, fiercely logical and distraught that people Believe this bullshit.

You’re so pessimistic because your faith in humans is so profound and violent you know damn well deep inside the recesses of your heart that human beings are so much better than they’ve let themselves be slandered into believing

You’re so much smarter than them so how can you still believe in them? You’re so cynical because your ideals have not actually corrupted after all this time, only become more fierce.

You’re so mean because you’re defensive against criticism and don’t think that you’re the problem, that maybe the system itself fosters the evil it tries to contain.

You’re so horrible because you know deep down there’s a better way and that it’s the elephant in the room no one else will address… that the world corrupts the child, the child does not corrupt the world.

I hold none of this is true. I am sad because people believe such lies. I am sad because I know we are so much better than we’ve been lead to believe.

I don’t accept face value wisdom about human nature or happy lies. Therefore I’m negative..according to them.

I'm negative because I see the truth all around me. That we are a beautiful species and that we've been sold garbage


ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Feb 8, 2013