My Choice..

I prefer to stay home..Or to go out and walk..With friends maybe..Or to stay home on my computer..But I don't like the party..I don't like to go in clubs or in restaurants..I am young..But I never liked it..It's something wrong?
Jigoku Jigoku
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Nothing wrong at alls with any of that. Lately I became more picky about which movies to go out and see in theaters even...I tend to think I can go out and spend 20bucks to see a single movie + gas....or stay at home surf the net find somethign cool and techy to buy for a few bucks or spend a lil on a online-game and watch the movie on dvd if it not something superspiffycool >< Saves money and time really anyways~

club thing.....I can totally understand....too loud, too expensive for bad drinks and lil to no food and most the people there I wouldn't click with anyways most likely. One reason why tend to like people online (in a safe way ofc lol) since like in a online-game people meet up and you don't know if they are male/female or older/younger until after became friends =P