I Love The Way I Have Changed As A Person!

Over the years I have changed completely as a person.Sometimes I wonder is it me only or someone else.And I really don't care whether this change in me is for good or not as good or bad is a relative term.Right now I am too happy to have gone through this transformation .
Life became easier after going through these changes.............There was a time till a few years ago I  used to try a lot to fit in ,which I don't do anymore.If I didn't agree with someone then also I used try not to tell that at their face,no matter how upsetting the entire experience was for me.But I don't care anymore about what others expect of me,I've learned to live for myself.Still there are certain restrictions which I am bound to follow as long as I am staying with my husband,except those I no longer follow any rules or norms.
Joining EP was a huge step for me,it introduced me to a different environment of on line world where I came across many interesting people from different cultural and social backgrounds which improved my interpersonal skills.Writing about my experiences were fascinating because I got to think about myself the way I never thought before.
Today I  feel less stressed out because of all the changes in me,life seems not as bad as it used to be before.
Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 13, 2010

I am constantly in transition thank goodness... I am not defined by my age, occupation, weight, financial status or anything else that is subjective..... :)