I Am Me~

No, I am not the person that I used to be. My values have shifted; my needs and desires have totally shifted. If you knew me well thirty years ago, I think you would find me a stranger to your eyes today.

I have experienced certain significant emotional events that have changed my priorities and reframed by goals. I have changed from the inside out. I see things from a middle aged woman's perspective now and this feels very comfortable and sane. I can mother myself now, and this is a huge relief.

I have healthier relationships with men and with women. I celebrate my female friendships more than ever before. I don't play games.

I wouldn't want to go back, not for youth or beauty, not for innocence or freedom from care. Each day I learn something and I am grateful for life's lessons. I am more forgiving and less insecure. I live and let live. I feel good in my skin. I love my big soft body because I have stopped buying all of the bullshit about what a woman is supposed to look like.
I don't feel the pressing need to please others or to apologize for myself.

I am at peace with who I am, and this makes all the differense.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

Enjoy life you have earned it, feel good about yourself and don`t ever worry about what people think of you.

I'm sure giving that my best shot...thanks for dropping by!

First,let me say that your sharing of your stories with us is such a blessing to me,Thank you so much,you have brightened my day more than a few times!!<br />
I believe that age is just a number.....it is just how long we've been here and possibly includes a treasure trove of lifes experiences!!<br />
As for me,I feel like I am 25, I would not want to be 25 again and I am greatful for all the life that my years have given me....The best part about aging from my point of view is that I don't take myself so seriously.anymore and I have come to terms and peace with all of the less than happy things life has thrown at me!! <br />
Its good to feel 25 & be able to look at life with these much more experienced heart and eyes!! <br />
I am truly a blessed woman and I am Thankful for every experience good or bad that has been given to me....I hope that I have taken the best from every experience and encounter & grown from them!! Life really is good!! Love,peace and prayers....

I thank you warmly for your compliments and for your wise comments and for reading this. Bright Blessings~