Trying To Heal. But The Girl I Use To Be Is Gone Forever

I have been thru hell and back in the past 4 years having to be the victim of my husband's ex wife. Who is a sociopath. She has harassed, stalked, started rumors and lies about me in an attempt to make me feel lsolsted and instill fear and insecurity about myself. She has gone to my childs school and told the teacher nasty lies about me. She has done whatever she can to make sure I willnever obtain happiness and joy in my life . I realize now that she doesn't plan to stop her abuse and harrassment
So I have accepted this and gained much knowledge in dealing and recovering from a sociopaths devistating trauma to my self esteem, confidence, and insecurities I feel going out to evrn pick up my kid and her kids, because I don't know what people think of me and the really insulting, humiliating and degrading lies the sociopath has told about me. Its hard for me to walk around wirth my head up high not knowing what people in my community beleive about me. The stuff said has been so defamatory that if I was employeed, I would be fired.
I just feel totallyy consumed by this situation. Christmas, birthdays, Easter, any fun holiday event is stress. A sociopath can be so damaging to whoevr they are vitimizing. So afte dealing with this I am not the same person. I am skeptical and its hard for me to enjoy much pf anything i use to love. I hope thia experience makes me stronger, and doesn't kill me first. I am working hard everyday to learn new copiny skillss to get thru this.
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2012

Wow! I understand how frustrating that can be. I have met people in my life who are exactly like this and they had severe jealousy issues. What they do is abusive and the only thing you can really learn from the whole experience is tolerance, patience, and forgiveness. If there is anyways possible I highly recommend moving away from this person because it sounds like she thoroughly enjoys what she does which most sadist do. You don't need this abuse in your life. You deserve a better life. I wish you well on whatever decision you make regarding this matter.

I am betting you will make it