The Best Of Me ~

They say that I am not to be trusted because I have a sparkle in my eye. They say that I always want things that I cannot have. They say that I am hiding the best of me because if exposed then I am weak. They say that I am cold hearted and unloving because my selfisness haunts me. It hurts them so bad, and still even then , they never let me go. Because what I gave them was something so
good, it was almost unreal to thee. I am not the average Man, I was not
the one that they had ever seen. I was that guy who could do no wrong. Yet,
I was always concerned about me. The face you see is the face of passion undefiled. I have a fire that fuels the night like the sun up in the sky. I am sorry I gave you so much inside. It was too good to be so true, so you ran from it all. Because if you stayed then you would die after I went away............ And again, I let you get the best of me.
zonus zonus
31-35, M
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ok, but I was gonna ask to friend you. You dont have to do all the other stuff.

This one is more popular than I thought..............

This is not the one. Read date for details. It was about the 17 year old young girl.
Thanks for the response though.

Theres nothing wrong with that at all. If that's how it is then that's how it is, that's all

Good way to get your story

WoW...Very powerful