What Made Me Join Ep?

I've been always an extremely introvert person in my entire life...I was the good daughter who'd listen to her parents (not always!)....I never learned how to confront anyone, how to say "screw you" to the person I don't like.
But now I'm just sick and tired of being the good girl. I want to say at their face that they suck. But I'm kind of used to with it, being silent. So, here I'm.
In EP, no one knows me (& vice versa).............Here I can tell anyone anything I want....Finally, I can be myself. And maybe gradually I'll learn how to confront in real life.
LisbethTylerMorgan LisbethTylerMorgan
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I've had problems with confronting people too.... There have been sooo many times in my life when I have given in just to keep peace or to be polite. Though I'm much better now, I still have to make a conscious effort to keep speaking my mind.