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Happy With New Me

Life brings to us both good and bad times. I used to be a quiet person who keeps everything inside. Was a pessimist type of person. Due to problems in my parents I was never happy. But now I am a different person. I like to socialise with people and try to see the positive side of everything. Life is still not smooth but I have learnt to enjoy whatever I have rather than wasting what I have due to crying over what I dont have. Life is easier this way when I see the light instead of darkness. I read in a book that if there is a glass half filled of water in front of you then its up to you how you see it. Whether you see its half filled and I am better than others who dont have even this much and be happy or think oh its half empty and be sad on it. So I liked it a lot and now I am a happy person who enjoys whatever I have.
littlestars littlestars 26-30, F 7 Responses Dec 14, 2012

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I always sees it as half full.

life has so many blessings!but who looks at blessings is known as optimist and who keeps eyes close to blessings is called pessimist and only sees ironically which does nt present in life!to see wht is is right kind of sight and to see wht is not is outcome of allusion or some deception of mind!

Great way to see things.

with our +ve thinking and efforts, we can even make our glass full, and forget the days when it used to be half full. Which i am sure you will make one day.

Best Wishes

wishing you even more happiness in this life and hereafter!sunshines!

wow my sis is happy mashallah may you be happy and positive like this for ever :)

I wish the same for you bro:)

i can t happen with me baji ...itna khush naseeb kahan hooon .... dhko aj larai hogai office mey meri ... head of the department sy ...lolz

It will happen bro I am sure for that

lolz it wont

It will bro :)

hehe ik then lets see

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Thanks mejhalak