Not At All

Let me write this in a comparison format for extra effect. I shall put a ">" to indicate now & then:

Docile person, would avoid confrontation > Extremely assertive, doesn't take ****
Detest any type of profanity > Obscenity connoisseur
Not say what I wanted or needed > Doesn't give a ****
Afraid of commitment > Willing, confident
Afraid to try to be funny > Am now openly
Religious > Atheist
Naive to reality > Enlightened and awakened
Whatever they told me I believe and agreed > Question everything, believe very little
Society ruled my opinions > I rule my opinions
When I didn't like you never said > Tell you
Had to have what everyone else had > Doesn't even know the newest thing
Television addict > Gave up television
Was never myself > Myself with some
Yes man > **** off
Had no idea true beauty is personality > Prefers personality
Liar > Brutally honest
Liked people > Antisocial
Extroverted > Introverted
Hated hip-hop > Adores hip-hop
Obedient > Defiant
Indoctrinated > Free
Hateful > Loving of which deserves
Sensitive > Apathetic
Respected authority > Despises and belittles authority
Liked politics > Hates politics
Slightly racist, brought up racist > Not at all
Hated father > Tolerates
Much more pure > So incredibly devious and morbid
Inconsiderate > Compassionate
Talker > Listener
Played the victim > Dislikes those who do, never does

I could go on...

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Jan 20, 2013