Still Very Much Under Construction

I'm not who I used to be, and not yet who I will be.  The changes so far have not outwardly been major, yet they're real and they're painful.  And one of the next changes I see coming will be both outward and major.  That one ought to be fun, lol.

About all I'm sure of is some folks are going to like the new me better, and others are going to be pretty much pissed.

romanticidiot romanticidiot
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4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I have made a few changes too. You are right, there are some that are really pissed, but they eventually get over it. If not, I doubt that there were ever really a true friend to begin with. goes on.

Sounds like alot of changing..good luck! :)

Haydenrules: "I am intrigued I must admit, as to what this change actually is" <br />
<br />
Outward: changing how you look, how you talk, where you work, who you hang with--all stuff people can see and either be happy about or pissed about.<br />
<br />
Inward: admitting who you have feelings for, admitting you've been lonely too long, realizing your own emotional needs are as important as those of the folks around you, realizing you even _have_ emotional needs, figuring out (finally) the poets really have known what they've been talking about all along.<br />
<br />
That's for starters.

As long as you stay true to yourself, who cares what anyone else thinks.. I am intrigued I must admit, as to what this change actually is. :) <br />
I am constantly changing. Some say I do too much, but I am always striving for perfection.