I often get people commenting to and trying to accuse me of being contradictory based on my OLD and outdated stories here. Please, people... check the date! XD

I am not the person I once was, when I started on this site. I am not the person I once was, six months ago, for that matter. I am getting better and better, more positive as the days go by! I am kicking the crud out of my problems and following new paths. What I had written before is no longer was is now. I keep them as a reminder of who I once was and how far I could fall. It also charts how far I have traveled and reminds me to take nothing for granted! :-)

So, please don't send me accusatory messages and such. I will not take down my old stories. Just be mindful of the date. And take note that the lonely and scared girl who wrote here, over a year ago, stopped being so! :-D

Thanks! ;-)

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

wow, no idea what happened then, but good for you! My gf would be telling a similar tale if she was on here... :-)