I met this guy and I thought he was really great until I fell in love with him and months down the road I found out he was lying to me and I never felt so alone. I just want to remember the person I was before I met him and be happy I just don't know how and it hurts.
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Time is your only Friend in this situation. Pick a hobie you really like and you will see everything just come back to normal

You are still the same person. Sometimes the wind can rustle your hair and it can take a little bit of time to get it to how it was. You'll come out of this as great as you were.
The one thing i hate about when relationships end because of this. You can feel like not opening up to people from then onwards. Not everyone in life will hurt you, you will find those out who do though. Good day :)

Well it's not your fault you has no Intensions on him doing that.. Eventually once you can forgive yourself you can forgive and forget him.. Just busying yourself of other things for awhile can really take your mind off it.

We work together I see him everyday but I'm trying. somedays everything's great and I'm fine but then I get him stuck in my head and I'm right back to square one.