I have been through betrayal. Something I am still not cozy talking about with anyone but God. The experience changed me. I get glimpses of who I was every now and than but I can't seem to get back to any part of who I was. The trauma caused me to now question it all. Family, faith, myself. I have no idea who I am.
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I know exactly how you feel, sometimes it is for the best, betrayels can be blessings in disguise, they save you from a lie that you didn't even know you were living. On the other side, you can never go back to seeing and experiencing the world as you did before, your now more aware.. It gets easier with time, I wanted so badly to lose my faith, I thought it silly, like my God, what is wrong with me, maybe I am the crazy one for believing in all this, but at my lowest point God sent me a miracle, the only things that could best describe the way I got out of the gutter of my life that I had fallen to due to betrayel was through divine intervention, I hope you don't lose your faith, If you do, at least stay positive, you attract the energy you put out into this world, that is a fact

You are a very wise young woman, dannygirl.... ally, I don't know why, but the hardest times in everyone's life is what makes or break a person. You will either grow into a smarter, better and more compassionate person or you will let your circumstance stifle you. The choice is up to you on how what you have gone through will influence your life. However, you already sound like you are doing good I believe in God and God does work miracles, especially when you ask for them and are open. I wish you all the best in life...

I know how you feel, maybe not to the extent but I've lost myself somewhere too :(