Not one bit but for once its for the better! I have found my voice, I have found my sexuality and comfterablity with my body, and the person that I am. I think I use to spend so much time on wondering if people liked me or not but this morning I do not worry about it all. Weird for the night I had but I just got into town a new town or city or whatever you want to call it we had to be to check in by 6am first of all who goes to a check in at six am stupid if you ask me anyways, beyond the facts here so I had my stupid name tag on and was on my phone waiting for my office mate to arrive she spent the night here last night with her boyfriend ok why am I getting into so much detail here anyways this guy walked up to me and said "excuse me" I looked up and he said you have the most beautiful name I have seen in a long time. Awwwwww! I told him what I go by-- and if you know me you know clearing that it is short for what my name is. Anyways we talked for a few and he was so nice and he complemented me and it just made me feel well good. Good to know I still have it good to know that I make people want to talk to me that I must give off warmth for that. I think about a year ago I probably came off as a stone cold *****. Either way I am glad I have changed for the better :)
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I really want to know your name now

Change is always good. Very happy for your self awareness and growth.