I used to not be scared of bugs except bee's and wasps and i wouldnt be scared and im a little shy when i meet new people until i actually know them . And know im scared of bugs even if its a little nat . Im shy and im more insecure about my legs and i dont like showing them becase i think there ugly but im skinny and tall but im only 5'2 and my friends say i look like a twig but to me i dont. This one girl was my bestfriend since 2nd grade and in 4th grade i just didnt like her anymore she is bossy and gets so mad easily i mean if i said we need to take a break she would always think we arent friends and im proud i'm not her friend anymore. And so for the rest of my fourth i hung out with my best friend thats a boy and then in 5th we werent in the same class so we kinda broke apart and so i hung out with a girl that i completely wouldnt regret she was halarious and then she moved then a hung out with another girl and omfg she was the bae. I dont regret it at all. She is sooo funny. And know im in middle school and so we dont have no classes but we still say hi to eachother and so my goal is to try to sit by her at lunch
damnMcCoy damnMcCoy
18-21, T
Aug 19, 2014