I used to be so happy, trusting, fun loving but marriage to someone with an addiction took that from me...
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hello.. new to the site... I feel your pain. your post could be my post.

Wow!! Me Too!! I lost Everything Because of My Husbands Drug Addiction, and it Left Me Broken Hearted as Well.


Me too. Devastating. But they got everything they wanted huh?

I had the same issue fell in love to a man who was addicted to drugs later on in the relationship it's so hard! I'm not with him anymore but here if you ever want someone to talk too!

So sorry. Sort of the same here, but I'm the one with the problems

Oh no, well thanks for the honesty anyway :) Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Not so much an addiction issue, but depression that overwhelms me. I know it's difficult for her to deal with, but she sticks with me

Well, that's ironic because I have had depression. Not much anymore but in the past, oh yes. I don't know if I should say what my husbands addiction is on here, on this open message. At least your wife is sticking with you. Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Maybe all he wants is you

Is it time to talk with your husband?

Depressions depression, addictions addiction. My man wouldn't have stolen & sold all my families belongings lied so much or been nearly so painful if he dealt with his depression more honestly instead of hiding it under a rug of addiction & desperation. There is help for depression & you recognise you have it at least..

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