I am so so tired all the time. Yesterday all I managed to do was sleep and draw a little picture. Today I haven't done anything. It's really frustrating. I don't know how to get my energy levels higher.
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inbox me pls i need advice. someoneee

It sounds like you are going through what I and many others are. Do you 'hate the cold,' tired all day but more energy at night, get dizzy when you stand up, have heart palpitations, get sick easy, have anxiety and/or depression, feel rushes of adrenaline in your tummy for no good reason, get crabby if you dont eat, or lost your appetite most days, have PMS/PMDD....there are more symptoms but it all comes back to one thing even your irregular periods. Its called adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion. I prefer the term dysfunction. Its what happens when your body cant handle life's stress. The day to day stresses, the stress of poor nutrition (junk food, high sugar/carbs and caffeine diet), along with the stress of not having a regular sleeping pattern. Your adrenals are glands that sit on to of your kidneys. They produce over 50 different hormones the most important being cortisol, a stress hormone. When your stressed your body pumps it out to help you cope, it gives you energy and counter acts the effects of adrenaline which your adrenals also produce in stressful situations. The problem comes when the body doesnt have enough time to balance back out to normal before encountering another stress. Excess cortisol over time tips your body's HPA axis. Your HPA axis is your hippocampus pituitary and adrenal glands. They are a circuit all communicating with eachother to ensure your survival. When you have too much coritsol for too long it tell your hippocampus to stop sending signals to produce more cortisol and gets stuck in a negative feedback loop. This is the later stage of adrenal dysfunction and when you start feeling symptoms of daily exhaustion though you havent done anything. The over production of cortisol also interferes with your adrenal glands ability to produce progesterone, if your body is stressed it doesnt care about reproductive health! Thats where you get irregular periods, miscarriages even infertility. There is a lot to this topic, if you want to talk let me know! Oh, and dont go all crazy and exercise a ton expecting that to work. Athletes suffer from adrenal dysfunction more than normal people because exercise puts a huge strain on your adrenals. If youre already fatigued it will only make it worse. Light excersise, whole food diet, sleeping right, and even thinking right effect your adrenals in a recouprative way!

That's really interesting. I'd never heard of that before. My doctors are crap though when I ask them about my energy and fob me off every time. (I'm considering changing doctors). What are the ways to combat it?

Conventional medicine doesnt recognise adrenal dysfunction unless its too late (Addison's or Cushing's disease) They just say youre depressed and give you a pill that raises a part of your HPA axis making you feel better for a while until your body catches up and regulates with the new drug in the circuit and depression returns because your axis is still off, usually even worse. Then you 'need' your prescription upped or switched. Doctors dont have a way of knowing what your axis is, its as individual to you as your DNA. Thats why they take shots in the dark at dosage. They dont know. Depression/anxiety arent the problem, they are symptoms and one only your body knows how to fix itself, with the right support..which only you can give it. My thought is because there's too much money to be made off treating the symptoms of it..its too cheap to just say eat better and sleep right. Sad..

Fixing yourself CAN be complicated though depending on how long its been this way or how severe it has become. There are some doctor's I have found that embrace the treatment of this dysfunction and are willing to test your cortisol levels (4 times throughout the day by swabbing your saliva) but they are rare. I am by no means a medical professional but I can share my experience.

My motto is eat right, think right, sleep right. Going to bed before 10 and getting 8-10 hours (hard I know but you gotta work at it) Eating whole foods, no processed foods, no pesticides or GMO foods, cutting down on carbs/sugar (100-200g day), eating more fruits and vegetables, supplimenting your adrenals with magnesium, vitamin C, Omega-3s, and the last very important part is changing any chronic emotional stress you have. Whether its someone else or your own mind that is stressing you, you have to find a way to stop so your adrenals have a chance to recover. It could be counseling, through faith (giving it to God), meditation or creating awareness of your subconscious and conscious thoughts. It has to be comprehensive. You could be eating right and sleeping right but still stressed emotionally and you wont recover, its gotta be all around help for your adrenals to regulate normal again.

Sounds really complex!!

Oh and caffeine is a big stressor along with skipping meals. Doing that makes your body compensate to try and regulate your blood sugar. Eat a light breakfast within an hour of waking (protien!) a large lunch and a light dinner with small snacks in between each meal. Just doing this youll notice you dont get crabby as often!

Crap that's a lot of food!! I make a point of never drinking coffee or fizzy drinks and having tea only once in a while.

Haha! My day usually goes like
Fruit smoothie (2-5 servings of fruit w/activia and organic DHA added milk)
1/2 cup of trail mix or some peanut butter

Nuts or fruit for a snack

No hormone meat (usually chicken) and a ton of veggies for lunch

Tea and a half bar of dark chocolate for a snack

Light dinner (smaller version of lunch)

Some fruit or cottage cheese a couple hours before bed.

Sounds like a lot but its all about the portions. Little bit, all day long with your biggest meal at lunch

:s wow! I need a blender :) I'd quite happily live off of just fruit. But fruit is sugary and that would mess with sugar levels. Though I've done it before :s oopsy. Thanks for the plan!

Ive actually looked into sugar content of fruit and its not all that bad. Your body needs sugar to function, blood sugar is a big deal for adrenal fatigue. If it doesnt have it your body will release more cortisol which goes into your fat cells to steal it. This doesnt mean itll make you skinny, cortisol has a dark side that contributes to belly fat storage. Cortisol is the survival stress hormone and is 'protecting you' by hoarding fat when you do eat after skipping meals, it thinks food is scarce and it will need to store more fat to get more sugar from to run on later. This is why cortisol makes you gain weight in the beginning of adrenal dysfunction. Later, you lose your appetite because you run out of cortisol and then are in big trouble. I like blueberries because of the antioxidants they have, they clear out free radicals your adrenals are battling. You need a balanced diet though to make sure you get veggies and protein too! I am starting to recover myself and my energy is slowly coming back. Nothing else has ever worked for me. Some days I dont do so good diet wise (mostly timing/skipping meals) and I pay for it with exhaustion the next day but I can definitely say this works if you stick to it! Last note, Omega-3 is really really important, your adrenals get a break from finding other resources to make new hormones with if you give it that fatty acid. You can take fish oil if you dont want to find it in foods but I drink anlot of milk so I love that its added into the milk I buy

So what would a weekly plan look like?

Pretty much the same as the daily layout I gave you but different foods so you dont get bored. Chicken, wild salmon, pork chops, even ground beef Ill eat as long as its grass fed and hormone free meat and not in excess your good. Stay away from sausages and deli meat : / Get a bunch of random veggies and some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and whatever you make will be amazing. Breakfast is always a smoothie and some type of protien like yogurt peanut butter or trail mix. I make my own its cheaper that way and I stick to my dark chocolate and tea snack every day. There are antioxidants in dark chocolate similar to blueberries though not all that great for you its my way of feeling like Im eating junk food : P I eat a lot of broccoli, califlower, kale, asparagus, collard greens, spinach, onion, garlic...I dont do potatoes bread or pasta anymore so Ive compensated with veggies..which Im not complaining about at all! Theyre delicious : ) I recycle my meal ideas, and learn more every day. You can google healthy meals and get tons of ideas. Its funny after you start eating this way you notice a big majority of your grocery shopping is done in the produce and around the outside of the store. Not so much the aisles..thats where all the bad stuff is

I'm safe from that - I'm a pollo-pescetarian. (I don't eat red meat). I'd love to shop in a health food store all the time but I can't afford it. I'd also follow tosco reno's eat clean thing if it wasn't so expensive!

Good for you! Though Id love to do that, Im not ready to leave the cow haha. It is expensive I hear you, I try to shop according to 'the dirty dozen' for produce of Im low on money. Every year they put out a list of produce with the highest pesticides and the lowest, you can find it online. Though youre not avoiding GMOs its still better than nothing. And I actually think not buying the "junk" is cheaper in the long run because healthier food keeps you fuller longer. Instead of breads pastas and Oreos Im buying more veggies. Instead of ice cream and coffee/coffee creamer Im buying organic milk and yogurt. I think its evened out so far. If youre buying organic and junk food...then that gets expensive..my boyfriend its all too thrilled with my doet so Im in that boat!

I'm married to a medical student and have been off work for over a year without sick pay and we tend to go for the cheapest version of a product like the supermarket own brand. I'd love to buy organic and fair trade, free range from the farm where the animals are most ethically treated etc. but my husband doesn't let me because he's tight with money and we simply can't afford it. He's also skinny with a high metabolism so he loves his carbs and needs them. I tell him I'm not having carbs but he can cook some to go with his own meal. Haha. Though i do like rice. Maybe I should stick to brown rice. We don't really buy much junk food.

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Maybe you can go to massage to make your body feel fresh :) it really helps

I would love that if I could afford it!! :)

R u feeling down due to this? Or feeling down lead u to this?
If not of the above, u should see a dr. U might hv anemia

I need at least 13 hours of sleep to function to do very basic things. I've been tested for anemia but it came back negative, though my periods are very irregular. I do have mental health problems but I can't understand how they would cause debilitating tiredness???

What kind of mental health!
Irregular period means----> hormone inbalance-----> u will be down----> feel tired.
And as i believe tired will lead to more tired.
U just have to force urslf into action n see how it goes.. Make someone b with u during..
And keep tellin urslf that u can do it.. U can do it.. U can do it.. And do it

Borderline personality disorder, dependent personality disorder, depression and anxiety. I just went for a cliff top /beach walk despite feeling dizzy. I have a fear of going outside for walks on my own unless I'm with someone, but I had my husband with me this time.

Good that u did that.. Am kinda happy/proud..
Hope u r seeing a dr. And folowing instructions for ur disorder..

My doctors have told me there's nothing they can do to help me now. They're really crappy doctors. So I don't really have that kind of support!

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