When I moved to a new city everything changed my home, friends everything. Couple of years later my friend has been having parties with drinking and drugs I wanted to be cool so I did that stuff I regret it so much I'm not the person I used to be my attitude changed I have been doing illegal thing I need to stop I don't know what to do.
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It's good that you want to change. It's the beginning of a new school year, try branching out to different people. It's okay to party and drink sometimes but I get what you mean by overdoing it. Best of luck. There's always time to change.

What are you troubled with sweetie!

I forgot to add something's but my mom is emotionally abusive I can't take it no more but at the end the day she is still my mom thats the main reason

I grew up with this and still struggle every day over it. It's not easy but don't ruin your life over it. You are a beautiful life. Do not waste it you have only just now begun. You can be who you imagine you can. Believe in yourself. She's troubled in some way. Stay strong and keep reaching out when you feel down.

Thank you :)

Give yourself a break. You aren't even fully grown you are really still a child....god will put kind people in your life when you expect it the least. Don't push them away and say to yourself ' but I want my mom...' Just take the help and kindness and let it nurture you. For some reason your mama isn't capable of giving it to you right now.

And it probably hurts her she knows she's not doing right by you... Just hold on tight say your prayers one day your mama will come around

She's probably too busy fighting her own demons. Not that that's an excuse but it's not you. You are a child. Take care of yourself and stop the drinking and drugs or you will wind up with a record and spend your life living it down. I got a record on me at 31 years old I'm 41 and it's never going away and I'm embarrassed as hell. I can't do certain things now without people giving me the eye after they see it and it's not even that bad!

Now I have my own kids I'm clean and been clean but the record will stay until I leave this world.

Thank you for the advice you seem like a really good person

I am. I always was and you are too. Don't let this turn u to the other side. Answer yiurself these questions:

1. Do I want to be poor for a very long long time

2. Do I want to work two jobs to just make it? ( two hard labor type jobs)

3. Do I want to go on assistance and have people judge me and scowl at me and my kids?

4. Do I want to be turned down for better jobs I could have had before ?

5. Do i want to live in crappy places because the good places will turn me away?

6. Do i want to age myself so fast no one will think I'm nice or young anymore ?

7. Do I want to have guys not commit because I'm high or was high and they want to only use me?

8. Do I want to get old too young and suffer more mental torture?

9 do I wanna have kids alone and put then make them miserable because i can't pay for anything or be there for them ?

If u don't want a life like this then girl just be a kid be young and stay away from drugs

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