I have nobody im suicidal cant find friends or have a gf ;( please i need someone
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16-17, M
4 Responses Aug 22, 2014

You have your whole life ahead of you, when I was your age (23 now) I was very depressed, mostly because I was bullied or my fb at the time was cheating on me and I was too stupid to leave him. So I turned to pills and such, it's not the answer! It's a cry for help. Try to look past the negative. Having a girlfriend will happen I can promise you, when you leave school and grow into an adult. Everybody suffers depression in different ways unfortunately it's part of growing up! I am 23 now, I have had lots of relationships I'm engaged now and traveled the world! Chin up, get a goal and live your life!!!

In the same position dude I feel ya

msg me if u wanna talk :) same age :P

I feel yuu. Hit me up I'm round yo age.