Sometimes I feel so depressed I can't figure out who I am or the kind of person I want to be. My anxiety is so bad I can't sleep and my partner isn't really any help. I feel alone, tired all the time, and like I have no real friends and I'm not sure what to do. I've thought about checking myself into a mental institution but I'm not sure if that's the best idea.
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maybe you need a therapist its okay i think that to

having few freinds isn't weird, there isn't any problem in you! and if you feel you need to see a psychiatrist, go he'll help you. Going to a psychiatrist has nothing to do with insanity, they just know people better, they will give advices to make your life better. Even i have gone to psychiatrist once for some consultation. If you thing you are having problem with your life, and your finding it hard to deal with your anxiety, go meet a psychiatrist, he'll help you! and you're normal =)!

You're not crazy just depressed. Please look into dietary and exercise alternatives before resorting to meds. You are 146% worth the effort it will take.

I have been there and I'm battling it now. It's a lifelong process. I feel friendless too even though I know I do have a few people that care I still feel alone and that no one gets it. Keep fighting is all I can say. I have been on antidepressants for years but I wouldn't have made it through without them. Sometimes we need the extra help. Please don't put off talking to a dr to see if something could help. You're not alone in this.

Hi Kitkate. I have been where you are at! A few times in life. There are people out there who care. I care :)

I once actually tried checking myself into a mental hospital because I was in such a bad way.

They wouldn't take me! Lol. They sent me home with a bunch of sleeping pills and told me I was strong enough to figure it out!

What works for me is becoming my own best friend. Brushing my teeth, my bed, doing my dishes, eating the best food I can. And being proud of myself for these tiny steps. And being very very kind to myself.

Saying only nice things to my self.

Please know you are precious and deserve love and support.

Please text me anytime you need a e-hug. :)

I'm so anxious & depressed as well. I thought I was crazy! I went to my doctor and she prescribed me some temporary depression/anxiety meds. they really helped me. I found I was relaxed & I made friends more easily. you should ask your doctor!

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, that's why it asks us to make choices!

God is always there for you. If you don't know who you want to be, try to be Jesus.

Loose the bf, you should be with someone who makes you feel alive

You're not mental, you don't need an institution. You just feel lost and we all get that feeling. I have friends with anxiety too so don't worry I'm not being patronising. Think about what you like, what makes you laugh what makes you happy, what you have skills in. Then try to put those things in your life a little bit more, one at a time. Just the same way you need to avoid the stuff that really brings you down.
I hate it when people do those things where they say 'describe yourself' because I get that rush of anxiety of not knowing what to say, then feeling like an idiot. But you are being yourself, try new things, push your limits. I bet you'll surprise yourself ;) I wish you the best