As i get older i really start to hate people more and more, i have never been a people person, a bad violent and abusive relationship changed me for the better or worse im really not sure
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You want to know something guys do not understand why awesome 🙆 women are willing to be with us.

Worse in my case. What I Hate most: As of yet my Abusive Relationship isn't over yet!

you need more action!

When I was young I hated the masses and loved the individuals. As I got older I learned that individuals suck but the masses generally are doing what they think is right. Now I believe the masses are mindless and the individuals are selfish.... I hate everyone

but jesus takes battered people and makes the m healed, don't hate, they are hurting too, like you, jesus died in your place and took all your pains, allow him to take it and replace it with his love. its free for you.

i understand this,, i to came from a very abusive relationship but some how i got to the point to where i say duck humanity and then i rebounded with a guy and to tell you the truth i have a hard time lettting people in,.. people tell me im closed off and reserved. but i guess that comes with the territory of being in that kind of relationship . and i dont really let people in ... i **** my mom off everyday but its cuase shes shown me i cant trust her. and i hate her for it but i love her cuz shes my mom. i think it will just take time.. i MEAN ALOT OF TIME... i am not even over all the *hit that went down. but i carry a tazer gun with me now. and i have the support of my best friend , one who is a guy, ad who is a girl. and they help when i feel exactly like that.... so dont fret your not the only one...

Maybe being here and writing and communicating will help you a little.

Take the hate away, and you'll be set free.

It's how we handle our experiences that move us to change, not the experience itself. How was your past relationship changed how you view things? Do you value yourself more now?

I also came from an abusive relationship, it was something I allowed because I thought that was the only right thing to do at that time, not knowing that it was the extreme opposite. Recovering took time and yes, I was never the same trusting and loving person again. But I realized it is now up to me to accept the past and charge things to the experience. Whatever I want to be now, it's all up to me. There's got to be more to life than my past. And yes, my future no longer depends on it.

Way to go!

Way to go!👏👏💃💃

Sorry for you. Hating is a very consuming feeling. You will not get nothing good for it. I advice you to look for some help if you are not happy now. Life is short to waste it.

Ok then. Take care

I think it is normal for her to feel some hatred and mistrust for people after coming out of a bad relationship. The point is not to stay that way, because it can turn inward and start causing all kinds of health problems. I'm talking from experience. Stress really can kill you.

I wonder do people really and truly realize just how short life really is. I was walking to the park with my mother and children years ago and I looked at my mother and said "Nothing really changes, everything remains the same". She said "Oh no, everything changes you just keep living and see". Well that next Wednesday she died, and boy did I see abruptly.

for better, hopefully

Is it really hate you have or distrust?


Im not a hater as such, but distrust stemming from those who were supposed to protect me and support me, i.e family and close kin. I have spent a lifetime running from such people by breaking the threads of control they had. My distrust only increased as I stayed within a negative radar of influence. I broke the ties, and began the process of selective friendships and relationships. Only keep those close to me whom I know are worth keeping and ditch the rest. No body to me is worth, the pain, the indignity, and loss of self identity which is what I lived with for years. I can proudly say to myself that I became the ***** who had a voice and could stand up for herself and be counted. Trust me they hated it. So I leave them to do the hating as I continue to "live " and breathe my own air again xxx You will too

I wish I did not have to say that I know EXACTLY how it feels, but I do. On a positive note, what does not kill a person only makes them stronger. Hang in there, things do come full circle, and you will find some inner acceptance and find that there are some really good people out there in the world, who will treat you with the respect love and dignity you deserve xx

I was in an abusive marriage for years. I had to see a therapist to be able to end it. My one regret is not getting back out there and finding someone that knows how to treat me and make me happy. Please don't make the same mistake I made. There are some beautiful people out here in the world. Don't give up on humanity.

I don't hate people but as I get older I get to see different kind of people, not everyone is as nice as you think, not everyone has the same mindset as you...
I sometimes thought of going back in time and change the past, but without falling I wouldn't be who I am today.
wouldn't say I like being me now, but wouldn't say otherwise too..