After being married for 17 years with 2 beautiful children, my husband left. Mid life crisis I suppose. I suffered on an emotional roller coaster for a few years trying to figure out what was wrong. He was not a talker. Just avoided conflict and never knew how to communicate very well. It took lots of faith and strength but I finally told him I couldn't live like that anymore. He left. I haven't been more at peace with myself in years. The stress is gone and as the days pass I realize how strong a woman I am. I have since met a wonderful man. Slowly I have regained my faith in people and in God. I've been told things by him that no man has ever said to me. I feel so lucky and that what was at the time a horrible experience has actually been a blessing in disguise. Keep your head up. The sun always comes out eventually!!
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"Sombody That I Use To Know!" -gyote

Your story is truly inspirational to me. The stars would never be visible without a little darkness. Thank you for sharing.

Congrats! You deserve your happiness. "The sun always comes out.." is both true and prophetic. Most people make the mistake of looking for the "sun" outside yourself. If you find it inside yourself, every day will be sunny. Others will be drawn to the spirit you exude.

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I am so happy for you x

That's right!! Good for you! That's a really hard thing to realize in a marriage! Stay strong! :-)

I'm so happy for you! :)

Hope it last for another 17 years ;)

wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness :D <3

It must be difficult for you. But please be patient, how you find good ways and will be


I know exactly how you feel! That happened to me in 1997. At the time I couldn't believe it was happening! My ex is not the brightest bulb in the box but apparently someone else wanted him. 4 yrs later I lost my youngest child (17) in vehicle accident, wasn't her fault. I know pain, grief suffering, but I'm still kicking. If you want to chat I'm here

I'm so sorry for your loss but so happy for you that you've continued to be strong. Unfortunately it can take horrible experiences to realize our inner strength

The fact that you are now at peace with yourself is what counts.

So you divorced your husband because he was not a good talker? He avoided conflict. Is that grounds for divorce? Glad you found yourself.

He didn't want to be married anymore but I guess didn't know how to tell me. Instead of being open about his feelings he made me miserable. I insisted on marriage counseling and he didn't want to go

Did you read the story? Very first line says HE left her. You must be as good a listener as you are a reader.

Good for you. So inspiring to hear. Thank you!

Om gosh Irj sounds like me...
I'm divorced now 2 yrs after 22 yrs of marriage. Unsure of myself and how to move on.
Let me just say...I'm happier and I'm glad I waited to get it together.
I've met a man who has brought out a side of me I didn't know existed. Best s♡x of my life. Very liberating.
I'm not in a serious relationship with him but over the last 6 months we've gotten to know enough about each other so when we plan our " play date" it's amazing.
He's very intuitive to what women like.
I love this me better than the other one.

That's wonderful!! I met an amazing man too!! Things are so different for me now. I couldn't be in a better place right now

Ain't I great at our age?????
May I add you to my circle??
Maybe we should compare notes. Lol

Absolutely!! Lol

So pleased for you, all the best for the future

Good for you i am happy for you

great to hear.
Good luck for the future and kuddos to ur strenght.

I'm going through this right know and am waiting for my silver lining. I know it will come with patience.

It will come... The most important thing is to be happy with yourself. Feel strong and savor each day

I have been on a roller coaster ride since 23 ,,but I am finally happy with me ,,even if no one else is ,,,and that is way more important then just having a mate not to be alone

That's the best feeling... Knowing I'm ok even if it means being alone. If
You want a partner, they need to fit into your life the way YOU want them to. It's all about you... No one else