I Met a guy Last summer Who is from a Country far away from Mine. We Fell for each Other. I was his First. After two months of travelling together we parted since we couldnt See a Future together coming from two really different countries and cultures. I Feel like i lost The love of my life to stupid circumstances. I Feel empty inside. I swore to myself to find The Same feeling again. Well, I hope. It changed me. But i Feel empty Inside now. I want to be with him. But i cant.
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3 Responses Aug 31, 2014

Love is like a drug, you get that perfect high and when you come down from it you look for it again because there is no substitute. Love will find you in it's own time and not yours unfortunately. We all have to deal with that. Even though we know we can't force love we search for it around every corner and it's when we finally give up that we find it more times than none. Patience, either you guys will be drawn together again or this love was just a preparation for your next greater love.

Well, we Wont be together. Its Not possible. But I Try to Look at it like this: I know what feeling to Look for now.

Good attitude to have. Don't worry if you are a loving person love will find you and I feel like you are.

It is not were you came from that matters, it is where you wanted to go that made you split.

if we could only turn back time!