After a discovery that my former roomate/co worker had placed a hidden camera in my bedroom for 2 months and was recording me 'I am not the person I use to be'.

I soon after quit my job because my human resources department couldn't do anything about it. I developed anxiety at work because I heard that he lied to people saying I was stealing from him, I feel like everyone is on his side he's 53 years old and has been there longer.

I have proof that he was recording me and have made a police report. I also have text messages of him asking for the camera back. I even got a temporary restraining order.. But before I got the police report the police station wanted to try to tell me this guy was allowed to record me in my bedroom! after talking to two different station workers at a police station, and called the district attorney I fully was able to get a police report and a detective assigned to me only to tell me this could take years to get processes only and nothing might come of it for this creep

I feel like this started a chain reaction in my life.. I had a great job, working cocktails at large casino drug free.. I lost it all and now I smoke pot and find my self breaking down constantly, I'm trying to quit now and get a new job it's been 3months and I'm finally getting the desire to do something again... I understand that we make out choices in life, but I feel like I've been checked out for the past 3 months to come back to my life being totally destroyed (not the only major thing that has happened to me in the past 5 months) I feel like it's not fair I had to loose my piece if mind because some creep needed to get a peep on some girl to get his pathetic Nutt off

I wonder if I'll come out of this rut or if this is the new me for a while
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