I'm no where near the person that I would like to be but I'm always trying.

Kitti, we need this here so I'm adding it!  Great Idea!!!   Viva La Vida!

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Story of my life

On being an idiot? Ok, I'll accept that.

Thank you very much, you are the expert authority.

Daz, you're an idiot! lol I'm in a bad mood but I couldn't not say something to that. Dork.

I'm actually about as good as it gets. Just saying.

Tas, that's all we can do, right?<br />
<br />
Star, you made me laugh with the full of beans! Cling to me, I like it. :) Mine. Mine. All mine!<br />
<br />
Thank you, Kitti, you are so sweet too and soft to boot! OMG, my list is sooo long and gets longer everyday. I do the best I can but I don't do very well alot of days so I agree... Viva La Vida...I LOVE that song so much...just the music from the very beginning revs you up...that song is pure joy! Come on girls...let's live it up and dance and sing 'til dawn...<br />
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Come on akasarah...I don't know you but you need to dance too!<br />
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Fungirlmm, I wish I was better at focusing...I'm trying to do better with that too...failing...but trying. You're lucky you got that part down...that makes all the difference sometimes.

I am not the person I want to be either but i am focused on it. Thanks for posting your story and making me think.

woot woot!

Oh but what you are is a sweet person .. I have a hundred things on my list of things to alter and change on me .. but .. sometimes we must rip the list up .. look in the mirror and laugh and say<br />
viva la vita'..... yayayayayyay *runs and hugs lucid and sweet star * my you have the most beautiful clinging vine on you darling .. *shakes booty and pulls down cord for disco ball*=-D

Yay, no returns on this friend--you already removed the tags *jumps on you and cling* I'm yours forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah =D<br />
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Yes, they're mean, green and full of beans! *pinches nose*

I too am nowhere near the person I want to be and like you just keep on trying :)

Awww, sweetie, thank you so so much. And I can say the exact same thing about you. I just sent you a gift before I even saw this and you'll know it's true. You are wonderful. As long as we keep trying, we will continue to make progress...It's three steps forward two steps back...but still it's progress. <br />
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Are those meanies, green? Because I think I've seen alot of them too! <br />
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You're the best sweetie and I'm lucky to have you as my friend. You're mine now...not giving you back...EVER! xo...

Same here lovie, but you know what--I think you're incredible, and I'm lucky to be friends with someone as lovable as you. You may not be who you want to be just yet........ but you are a damn fantastic person so far and miles ahead of a lot of the miserable meanies I have met in my lifetime. You are a pure gem *hugs* =)