I Have Changed

It took me awhile to realize that reality was settling in when she came into town. I knew that what we had was over, but i thought that maybe if we saw each other one more time..it would be different. I thought that maybe we could get back together. But when june came around this year it hit me hard. I never cry, but i cried like a baby for two days. I has been like one month since I've thought of her coming back to me. I am strong, and have been changing since june.   I would never take her back, not for a million dollars. I learned by every relationship, and i have learned that she uses people. Well, i'm glad that i've moved on. I only thank God because he's been there on my side everyday helping me.
Brokenhearted33 Brokenhearted33
18-21, F
Jul 13, 2010