Negative ---> Positive :o)

i used to be a very sad, quiet kid.  i was painfully shy and got yelled at continuously by my family members for not being able to look people in the eye when i spoke to them--i was told i was being rude but the fact is, it was so incredibly difficult for me to do that.  i was very insecure for the first half of my life and all of this made me angry and pessimistic and negative about EVERY LITTLE THING.  i was miss Negativity and it drove a lot of people away from me because who wants to be around someone who is pessimistic and negative all the time??  eventually i got a grip on myself and realized that there is absolutely no sense in being negative.  it doesn't bring you any good, it only hinders you and causes you to lose friends.  so today i am proud to say i am not that person anymore.  when i do ocassionally find myself having negative thoughts or reactions, i try as best i can to catch myself and turn it into something positive instead. :o)
heartofaQueen heartofaQueen
22-25, F
Jul 20, 2010