Lostserve my spot 6 feet under. I don"t want to be this fake person anymore.  is one word to describe how I feel...I am down and depressed and confused. I want too know "Whats" going on... I am beyond the words of stressed. I am nothing "But" a whimp a losser and waste of Air. Cremate my body and dump the Ashes, I don"t deserve my spot 6 feet under. I don"t want to be this fake person no more. I just want to tell people who "Ask" if everything is ok? I want the pain too end. I don"t want to take the pain killers nomore! I just want too "DIE"  Yet I don"t know. I am sooo confused...........I at one tome read this poem..Come with me. Come with me and get lost in my head. Play with my day dreams of dark and dispare. Dance with my thoughts of Death and life chat with my memories of who I once was. "Look" out of my eyes to see, all the people who hate me "Be the.........   Well this is how I feel LOST.......Anto815

Anto815 Anto815
46-50, F
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Hi .....I just would like to say thankyou for taken the time out in reading my story. Thankyou also for your comment. Im sorry it has taken some time in getting back to you. Thanks again Take Care..