I Never Wanted To Change

I never wanted to change. When i was 16 or like 18 i was very proud of who i was. I was proud of my personality...i was a party animal...not too responsible but i worked and well i was pretty content with myself. I wasnt ever loyal to anyone...i did every drug i knew of...i was still somehow proud of myself. lol.
I cant say whether it was time, people, circumstances or just fate that eventually brought me around. But i changed. I know it. At 20, now, im not social at all, my party animal got run over by a car! i work way harder than before and im so very independent. I have some morals, not that i didnt before, but this time i actually follow them. My stuborness has only increased....so has my temper. But on the other hand so has my ambition and my drive to succeed. Best part, or maybe not, im loyal to one guy now, and usually i like it. haha.
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:) thankyou

No positive action is futile. In 1894 William James (Henry's brother) gave the firs lecture on psychology at Harvard. "we don't run because we are scared. We are scared because we run." A hundred years later, a hundred years of psycho-physical research, with our fantastic knowledge and diagnostic machines, James was proven right: Action precedes emotion.<br />
Do the positive thing - your emotions will catch up and you will, over time, feel absolutely great.

i try but sometimes it feels so futile......

Great, you sound comfortable with yourself. Part of maturation, I think. But give yourself pats, you were active in the positive change.

Shep's right, sound's like you're growing up and becoming someone you will be even more proud of. Good for you. But please, ONLY change because YOU want to be changed, be faithful to yourself.<br />
NOBODY has the right to make you conform to an image in their head. You'll never live up to the image. So don't try. X@

You have such wonderful insight, Tink!!<br />
<br />
What will you be telling us two years from now, I wonder.<br />
<br />
Most of us grow up eventually. Sounds like this process is taking place in you. <br />
<br />
Great story!

Huge accomplishment......sounds like a life you can be proud of!