Alone In This World.

Im not the same person i used to be. Before i could laugh, smile, have fun and enjoy life. Now im miserable. I hardly ever smile, i dont enjoy the things i used to. I hardly ever laugh and i feel alone. Before i could be by myself and be happy with it now when im alone im miserable. I have a wonderful boyfriend but hes a truck driver so hes done 95% of the time. When he is home im happy and at peace with my life. But when hes gone im absolutely miserable. My parents work all day so im home with nothing to do. I try and keep busy but there is only so much i can do. This house is spot less because i clean everyday. I watch tv because i get into the shows but its all re runs now. I feel like im all alone is this world. I dont have any friends because ive moved. What friends i do have are married and have kids. I dont know what to do anymore... i just want to scream. I need people in my life. Im not in school where i can meet people because of medical problems right now. Hopefully come summer time i will be in school and have my life back. I miss going to school because it gave me something to do. But we will see how all this works out.
colorguardlove colorguardlove
18-21, F
Jan 31, 2012