Who I Am

Experiences change you, it's a fact. I remember when i was younger how different i was compared to now. That skinny little girl who loved to read so much, who was more innocent than a newborn baby, who lived to please everyone else is gone. In a way i miss her, but i like the person i am now as well. There are things that i would change if i could go back in time, but when i look in the mirror now, i don't recoil in horror. The stipulations that the world has enforced on the way people should look does not apply to me.
The life i live has changed me irrevocably into someone harder and more aware of the world. I sometimes try to appear oblivious to the world, but it's just a frontier to protect my innermost thoughts.
I'm guarded against all people and if i don't like you i can be pretty nasty, but usually i have a valid reason for my dislike. I try extremely not to judge or form prejudices against other people because we don't know what they've been through.
I hated it when people made assuptions about me, they still do. They think i'm a teenage mother when i walk around with my baby sister on my arm. They think i'm stuck up when i do not smile. They think i don't care about anyone about myself. But they do not know me.
So in the end i am not that young naive girl i used to be. I'm stronger and independant. If they can't see who i am, and did not take the chance to get to know me, then they have no business judging me.
Kdamita Kdamita
22-25, F
May 25, 2012