A New Person Maybe For The Worst.

I believed in "love". I loved and respected all women on this world. I was talkative and loved meting new people. Then life happined. Girl friend breaks up with me for no reason back in high school and because I didnt want to be her friend or her new boyfriends friend, I was looked at as a bad person and everyone judged me. One of my best friends, She took advantage of me dureing this time and minipulated me, became a phycology major and used that knowledge to manipulate me. People I met would turn on me all the time. Now, I am distant. I realize that love is nothing more than a figment of ones imagination. An illusion, False perfection about another person that is made up in your mind. Once that fantasy of perfection is gone, so is "love". I respect people because thats what I do, However, I dont feel for woman what I use to feel in the past. Infact, I have grown to hate the opposite sex. Im not gay, But I will distant myself from females. Every woman I meet is the same. Not saying all women are the same, but ever one that I met turn out to be the same and that is saying alot to me.

Krie Krie
3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Im on a path to become yet another new person. This time, for the better. Im starting today which is why I changed my avatar to something more... idk happy :P wish me luck ^_^

Yeah, I opened myself up completly once. Accepted someones imperfections. Unfortunetly, she didnt accept mine i sapose. Wont be doing that again.

Perfection exists only in the mind of the beholder. <br />
<br />
Perfection 'is' a fantasy. It does not mean love is the same. <br />
Perfection when applied to yourself or others as a standard, will always lead to failure and disappointment.<br />
<br />
Try not to judge yourself or others too harshly. Maintain an open mind to allow your true self to shine through.<br />
<br />
In return, others are given the opportunity to know who you truly are, rather than hide within yourself. <br />
<br />
It's when two people accept the imperfections<br />
of each other; totally and without hesitation. When two people<br />
lay bare; their hearts and souls and neither walks away, but embraces. <br />
It's what most of us ultimately wish for ourselves in life and hope to find. <br />