My Personlaity Has Changed...........

About 7 years ago a tv fell on my head. at  first i felt nothing then i felt my face expressions looked funny and the feeling on one side of my face felt different,tight almost. My head feels blank sometimes,i forget things easily,i became more withdrawn and insecure about myself. My life changed along with the person that i once was. I used to remember things easily but now i forget easily,which makes me frustrated. I get angry for the littlle things and it stresses me out when i have tp write an exam or something. If i read a book,i will forget the story in a week,so i always have to write down stuff anf that helps. I used to be a smiley person and i knew i was intelligent,now i feel like almost dumb. Its also hard for me to get a job and be confident,i have a bit of weakness of one side of me,but otherwise im okay. I exercise,drink lots of water and always try to stay healthily. I wish i could turn back time and be myself again,but i think ive become a stronger person now and thank god im still alive. I love fashion and want to be in that career field,hopefully my dream will come true one day. Im still trying to adjust to this new lifestyle and i tend to always wanna eat ,i easily feel lonely knowing everybody else is "normal". Relationships are hard to come by for me,I have been cheated on many times and i lack self confidence in myself. Guys dont understand how i feel and how hard it can be sometimes. but im hoping one day i will find someone who understands me and loves me for who i am.

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I am sure that special person will come along one day; the best thing to do is not focus all your time thinking about it, just live your life while you can. I have learned there isn't much luck with love when you are desperate for it, so just forget and it will find you when it's ready.<br />
Although you are a very shy person now and you lack confidence etc, I can assure you that you will become stronger and an improved person once you learn to fully cope with your new lifestyle. Soon enough, you will have forgotten the accident ever affected you and you will be thankful for it for making you a better person :) xo

I have just come across your story, you never mentioned if you saw a doctor after the TV fell on you. You may have a disc out in your neck, do hope you are getting better by now....S

I can tell your soul is very beautiful. =) And I hope you find that special someone too.