No human is the same in what they do or what they can do ,but some notice this when born, in what they can do , when I speak I'm not talking about normal things people do, I'm talking about things people don,t normally do, telepathy , precognition , knowing awareness and other things,ever since I was born me and my brother. Could both do stuff , (although he's way stronger than me), the main thing is I don't know who to talk to outside on this,because even my friends who could also do stuff ,are all living far away and I've lost contact with them ,and my brother is not one for me to talk especially now about all this stuff, so really I guess I'm just looking for someone anyone , I can trust talking about all this stuff and opening up about everything with worry of the person being one to either look down on me or take advantage of what I can do.
DrackenP DrackenP
22-25, M
Aug 18, 2014