When I read things that I wrote when I was younger (even just a year ago!) I feel as though I'm reading someone else's private thoughts and feelings. I still remember being that person in my mind, in my memories, but it seems so far away when there's tangible evidence of it in front of me. It's a slightly disconcerting feeling.

But when I see that I've grown as a person, I feel relieved too. I wonder what a person who was familiar with my younger self would make of me now. Would they still recognise me? When I've gotten back in touch with some old friends of mine, I was struck by just how much they have remained the same. I feel that that's how I must appear to them as well. However, I know that there have been changes, inner experiences that I have no idea about, just like how it is with me.

Also, ahhh I want to hug my old self sometimes.
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Me too :)