Wake Up Call To All Parents

 i was raised by a single mother who loved me more than anything .One day she invited her nephews to come live with us for a year.I was six years old when i was sexually touch by two nephews . they were old more than me at that time and took advantage me because i was too young .they used to remind me if  i tried to say anything to anyone, they will hurt me.Today i am big woman and i remember  everything  they did to me.Somedays are good and somedays are horrible to me.As african ,I didn't have enough chance to express  myself to my family and my culture did not give a freedom of speech to the minor ones  . At  the age of ten my mother pass away . today I can't trust any man to babysit my daughter except my daughter's father and the raison it's because ,since came to the United states of A merica, i found out two of american friends were rape by their members of family one at the age of six and other one at  the age of five  .Stand with me to stop children sexual abuse.
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

it's painful,sometimes am very angry i wanna know why?That why i am gonna take a time to write my book, i know the book will not solve every one problem ,it will help to open the eyes of some parents.

it is hard,i was molested by my stepfather.and even my uncle tried a few times.It still hurts me that they would do that.