I Am Not a Curiosity, Nor Is My Life Particulary Curious

I am not a person that should be taken lightly. But then again, dont trick yourself in believing im the deepest person you will meet.  I have my share of good and bad.  Even though you watch me smile, still believe i cry.  Then again, if im crying, don't think i wont stop.  I do stop, most of the time.  I'm a very complicated person and i can make the simpliest of things seem like the worst catastrophy's at times.  I believe some things happen for a reason, not everything happens for a reason.  I dont believe in love and sometimes i hate myself for that. i've found out in the past that i hate myself more than i hate anyone else.  I tend to be shallow and blunt. I tend to harrass others just so i dont wind up harrassing myself.  I dont trust people. Don't think i trust you.  I dont.  But dont think im not trust worthy, because i am.  I keep secrets to myelf. For the most part, im a deep person, but i keep that side to myself.  I can be your best friend but at the same time i'll be your worst enemy.  I am me, nothing less and nothing more.  Deal with it.
ALovelyRose ALovelyRose
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 16, 2007

I trust me! Should I trust you. j/K You are living a confused life in this screwed up world. Find yourself before you drive yourself to a deep state of depression you can't leave. You seem like you have had troubles. I don't completely trust people too. But give some trust. That best friend and worst enemy thing is a little confusing. Does that mean you will punch me in the face and then make it all better. How can you be a friend and an enemy. Huh!.................... Your different. ;p