Im 20, im old enough to have a child. Ive been around so many kids throughout my life, stayed with them since they were just born.
Theres this one lady shes my mum's friend, she had her first kid about eight years ago. She would send him to our house and he'd stay with us for days at a time. She left him with me and i was the only one looking after him. She trusted me with her baby and would say 'do whatever you want'. Id take him with me to the shops, go out for walks or to the park. I was 12 at that time.
Im 20 now n i have a two yr old sister, they rarely leave her with me, and when i hold her theyre like 'hold her proper ure hurting her'. I know how to hold a child :/ they wont let me take her with me to the shops up the road :/ When my mum tells me to look after her for a few hours its like shes putting her hands on her heart and making a risk.
I swore to my mum that she will not lay a finger on my children unless im there in the room with her. No sleepovers, and shes not allowed to feed them. Im not trusted with her kids why should i trust her with mine. I get so offended and upset that everyone trusts me with their babies and theyre way younger but my own parents dont trust me with MY OWN sister!
Like i said it makes me not trust them, as if there is something theyre hiding.
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Maybe you are not their planned child or I wish i can say the other thing too bt I better tell u not here atleast -----
Don't think bout it....get productive n stuff if u can:)

till this day i wonder.. do? You never asked me yourself.hey where are you I'm back on Ep after 2-3 months I guess and iv been trying to reach you but hey where are you? It's not fair to just go away like vanish like this ok.reply me if you coukd