I Am What I Am

I had this fight with my husband, he says I should stop trying to be different, by that he means, I should start enjoying things he does!! Or do what he wants me to do!

I think he is the one who wants me to try to be different, different from what I am.

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12 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Thank you JourneyManChronicle, I think I can handle it, I have been trying hard to be like what he wants, and it really doesn't suit me.<br />
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I am going to be myself from now, thank you very much for the encouragement.

Thank you, exactly how I feel, just because we are married doesn't mean we have to live in each others pocket! right!

Mahsa: Sounds like your husband can be just like mine. He wants us to do everything together as a couple. If I don't want to do something with him, he can pour on the guilt trip. I just need my alone time, sometimes.

Thank you very much, coming from you it means a lot to me.

You are wonderful just as you are, my dear new friend.

Or maybe I am using him!

LOL, you've been taking that crap for 12 years? That guy is using you.

It's been like this for 12 years!! he still thinks I pretend!!

How are you standing financially? You do have 2 salaries, but maybe you have a huge loan? Get a maid/babysitter.

He likes a little stupid wife who enjoys nothing but cooking, cleaning, serving and has no opinion of her own! some men fantasy of a wife.<br><br><br />
And I am a tall smart woman that needs to be served sometimes, like every other woman that I know!<br><br><br />
I tell him welcome to the 21st century!!

When I was your age, that was what I had in my life, a lot of adrenaline!<br />
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and bungee jumping sounds nice, why not!<br />
<br />
thank you for the suggestion

So, what do you enjoy? Bungee jumping? XD