Conformity Is Not the Issue Here

I don't understand the problem with conformity. I have the same emotions every one else has on this planet,  I get sad, I laugh, get frusrtated and sometimes angry so far I see nothing unusual about me. Everyone generally wants to be accepted, loved, and respected.

So conformity cannot be the real issue here. so what then makes a person unique? Is it their intrests and goals? or maybe personality. Could it be the way one assess certain situations and then responds accordingly? Im really not sure. except that we all strive to be unique in our own way.

So what makes me unique? I really couldn't answer that honestly. I love comedies and to laugh. I probably could find several people who say that. I enjoy learning different things but again many people could say that. So my answer lies in my family and friends I think the list of things they may remember of what I said or did, that ultimately they would recount to others in stories and tales. So If I am unique It is only because some fragment of my essence may be lodged in thier subconscience to recount at a later date.

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1 Response Jun 17, 2007

I think everyone is unique because like watching a car crash. With three witnesses, you'll get three different answers and then the truth. Everyone is different, so that makes everyone the same.