Sticky Situations.

I have never been close to my family, but since having 2 beautiful children I felt the need to try to let go of the past. I sold my home and moved 2 states away to be closer to my family. Little did I know how manipulative and controlling they still were. I wanted so badly for them to get to know their grand children, and be a part of their lives. I am beginning to realize the sometimes letting go and moving on is best. The difficult part is that my father and his wife live next door to us, and make it a point everyday to attempt to intimidate and harass me and my family. I am deeply saddened by their shallow ways, and would like nothing more than for them to just leave us alone. I worry that they are just the type to take things to a whole new level. I'm not concerned about myself, but I am deeply concerned about my children. I'm lost and just not sure what to do.
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

My parents are the best in the world but i could never live next to them<br />
For now I will keep it simple but I my Mom believes only a select few will make it to Heaven and its her way or the highway<br />
If anyone will make it ...THEY WILL, but ....I hate getting preached at daily<br />
<br />
You just do what you gotta sweetie, sometimes its just the way it is. Blood is thicker than water, i truly believe so in the end.