Only A Few.

I've never been close to any of my family members except for my grandpa, gramma, mom and dad. A few cousins too. With everyone else I just feel extremely awkward around... I don't even consider them to be my family. They are just like any other average people that have no distinct meaning to me. They judge me behind my back, and I don't like that..
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2 Responses Apr 24, 2011

I used to be really close with most my immediate family from my moms side of the family and as the years progressed I drifted away from them. They didn't do anything to drive me away but it just happened and its been years since I've actually sat down and talked to most of them. And the longer I stay away the harder it is to drive myself back to see them.

Yeah, everyone in my family is the same way with me. I'm the black goat of the family. I'm not really close to anyone at all in my family. Not my mother or anybody. I live with my mother and stepdad but I'm not close to them at all. I'm just on my own pretty much.