May Be I Don't Want To Admit But I Hate My Relatives

a lot of experiences to mention but would want to share a paternal uncles are so annoying and intruding..all they ever want to prove is our upbringing has not been up to the mark and wish to blame it on my mother...My mom is a sweetheart n taught all the moral values and worth of living life in righteous manner...But my uncles don't get it...they are always complaining..."what kind of clothes are u wearing?OMG look at your shoes...y dont u talk and connect with us??do u even remember we are ur uncles?does your mom makes you stay away from us?does she not allow you to come and stay with us??? at our home and whole lot of stuff...feel like screamimg my lungs out saying..."my mom is the greatest human and your thinking sucks"....but never did though
Now my mom has got a single elder sis and since she had no kids,she adopted one..she is such a selfish n self centered woman i tell you.i always wonder how on earth could my mom be such a warm person while her sis is evil minded .she is always jealous of my mom for having children (three)...she always supports her adopted son even if he is wrong over us...she taunts my mom whenever there is a chance and my mom never gives her back....So, i just hate my relatives
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Hi June86, It sounds like your Mom was possibly the scapegoat in the family growing up. Sounds like they are trying to make you join the family dynamics and treat her that way too. If you are interested, there is a group about Scapegoats with a lot of info. Whatever you do, don't spend time with people who treat you that way. No one deserves that. Big cyber Hug

its okay..I had the same issues with my father side and mother side..they wanted everyone to obey them and be ruled by the rules they knew when they were still young and so on...<br />
An since I was a little kid i knew in my heart that Iam me, I know clearly what I wanna do in my life, I know my plans very well and I dont want that to be ruined by some people who dosnt know how to distance themselves and who has no respect..what I did was I kept on disobeying all of them and I grew up doing the things I wanna do except I didnt fail from school ever because thats the only thing that I can prove my respect to my parents but I dont listent to anybody..<br />
remember this.. you are not eating your food form their own money and dont give a damn about it!!! say this to your self buddy--- "If they dont like me, then I dont like you too either" believe me they will back off!