Use To Be....

I use to be the good child out of my three siblings. I was the fourth child, youngest, did everything I was told. But that was it. I was told to do everything, and my three siblings nothing. It was like I was the maid in the house, and my siblings sat on a throne with my grandparents and did nothing. When I was younger, I didn't see it this way, now I'm older, I see that they used me. Like I was a slave. It was pitiful. It was wrong. It was not fair. I'm seventeen now, and not close with any one of my relatives. I don't regret it. I'm glad that I saw that they used me to do what they wanted. Now, I argue with anyone who tries to tell me to do something. Because they can do it themselves but choose not to. I only do this with my relatives. If anyone outside of my relatives ask me to do something, I'll do it. No complaining. Because those people didn't use me like my relatives did. Today, I have no close relationship with no one.
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I went through the same situation when I was between the ages of about 4 through 15 with my older sister. She always used the excuse I took care of you when you were younger to get me to do things for her. I always thought I was helping her out trying to be nice even though she was taking advanage of me. It was definitely a manipulation technique. When I finally stood up to her and called her out she attacked me immediately saying that im this and im that. I was tired of being her slave. We dont talk anymore and havent for a while and im glad for it. Im tired of playing her games.

Hi Athlete2012, I am sorry you have to live with the emotional feelings that you learned from them in your childhood. Most of us do have something to figure out from our families. I'm thinking about trust issues. You are still young and want to have healthy relationships with others, yes? Maybe a bit of counseling will help you to process some stuff. It's something to think about, especially if you go forward and feel that your childhood is holding you back. Big cyberhugs....!