Im Not very close with my dad's family but it doesn't really matter since i don't like them much but it still hurts every time my grandmother would favor my little brother over me. My dad is always telling me to go and have dinner with them or something but i don't like it. They're always looking at me like i did something wrong. They make me feel like an outcast in-between them. They may not like me but can't they at least hide it? Don't they know what it feels like to be hated by your own cousins?It hurts a lot. We Live in the same villa as my dads little brother. His wife is always causing problems between my parents.She is such a Bit** and something happened years ago and we stopped talking to each other.My uncle doesn't like my mom and he swore that if his wife got into a car with my mom he is going to divorce her. My mom doesn't give a Sh*t about them but they have to make everything a big deal.Now she is trying to get close with my mom but my mom does anything to avoid her. Her daughter is also very clingy to me my mom knows i don't like her but we can't say anything. Soon were going to move out but my grandmother is stirring up more problems now even when the reasons are ridiculous and aren't worth all that trouble.
EpicLlama EpicLlama
13-15, F
Jul 28, 2012